Additional Initiatives

Public Space Design

    [Creating Joyful Spaces] is a project that works in collaboration with local governments around Korea. The participation of local community is the main core of this project. The objective is to research on the needs of the local community in order to create appropriate spaces. Public space design experts work closely together with local people. It builds the foundation for continued developments in cultivating public space design.

Creating Pleasant Spaces for All

    [Pleasant Spaces for All] creates public spaces that can be enjoyed by disabled people, elderly generation, children and more. As stated in the title of the project, it endeavors to make pleasant spaces for the public to enjoy. Through analysis public spaces are studied to accommodate for social requirements of the general public – we endeavor to develop a design for all (universal design). We also work closely with cultural properties, museums and art galleries.

Supporting the Field of Hanbok

    Support is given for the development of hanbok projects so that they can survive and compete in the fast moving contemporary market. Educational hands-on programs to make hanbok, is introduced as culture-tourism content. Learning to wear hanbok properly is also a part of the development initiative. This traditional wear is continuously studied to find ways of modernizing it for more demand and supply among consumers. Hanbok needs to be addressed as a cultural symbol simultaneously as recognizing its authentic values.

Hanji (Korean Paper) Projects

    Hanji, a traditional Korean material, has been used in creative ways for many centuries. This traditional material has been re-interpreted for modern development as products and objects. Hands-on educational programs are actively being implemented for the preservation of this ancient material.

Publishing Craft and Design related Books

    Support is given for the publishing of craft books. They focus on the development of traditional making techniques, understanding traditional materials, reflecting on current craft trends and more. These are published on an annual basis. Furthermore we work in collaboration with publishing companies to translate internationally recognized books on craft and design.