Exchanges and Cooperations

Constancy and Change

    The [Constancy and Change in Traditional Korean Craft] exhibition was first founded in 2013 to expose Korean craft and design culture to an international audience during Milan Design Week. Over the years the exhibition has become a representational venue for exposing Korean craft and design to the world. Works of the highest qualities are showcased in this particular exhibition.

International Exchanges

    Active international exchanges through the participation of numerous leading international fairs such as COLLECT in London, UK; Maison et Objet, Paris, France; SOFA, Chicago, USA and more secured many international exhibitions on Korean craft and design. We have also worked in collaboration with Korean culture centers around the world to showcase Korean artists, makers and craftsmen.

Global Promotion of Hanbok

    Hanbok (Korean national costume) is a unique Korean culture, one that has been handed down for centuries. Over the years it has received much international attention and the Hanbok Advancement Center has worked to promote this authentic culture by organizing international educational programs in Italy, United Kingdom and in America. The focus is on wearable culture (costumes), appropriate for contemporary trends, one that can be shared among many around the world.


International Typography Biennale

    The [International Typography Biennale] is one of a kind in Korea addressing typo. International experts in the field are invited to observe and examine different letters and characters in order to understand their values. The objective is to develop typo into an artistic form by inviting artists, design groups and more to further address current issues and phenomen