Increasing Industrial Competition

Craft Trend Fair

    The Craft Trend Fair is the largest of this kind in the field of craft and design in Korea (and also Asia). It invites artists, makers, designers, galleries, studios, groups, students, brands, companies and the industry at the end of every year. All projects and initiatives that the Korea Craft and Design (KCDF) executes during the course of a year is presented at the fair – development of local craft industries, preservation of craft skills, re-interpretation of traditional heritage and introduction of young creativity. The objective is to expose the industry widely in as many directions as possible in order to meet the supply and demand of makers and consumers. “Living trends” are presented through different objects and products made in Korea and also from other countries around the world. Each year, a growing number of international artists, designers, groups, galleries and institutions participate in the Craft Trend Fair. The main focus is on industrialization and globalization.

Training Experts

    Jobs in creativity are always a challenge as there are only a limited number of places directed toward craft and design. The Korea Craft and Design Foundation (KCDF) operates a program to cultivate and train young makers and university students to learn from traditional skills in order to develop contemporary ideas. The program has been designed to establish a flow in the industry. We have specific educational programs for university students, young start-up maker-designer-artist and for preparing entrepreneurs in the business arena. The objective is to create more opportunities in the industry for young people for them to survive.

Craft and Design Product Development

    Ideas for developing craft and design products are based on utilizing authentic Korean techniques and materials in craft. In terms of contents, tradition and history has been the core of our development as Korea has rich and abundance resource for developing our craft and design industry simultaneously as maintaining a high standard in terms of quality. The objective is to improve and activate. Young makers are discovered annually for the expansion of the field. The initiative eventually accumulates to combine with our brand making. We aim to revitalize the market for the industry to prosper and evidently allowing the general public to enjoy such unique products.

Distribution Network of Craft and Design

    The Korea Craft & Design Foundation endeavors to promote makers through our online and offline shops. On the first floor of our gallery building (KCDF Gallery) in Insadong we operate a craft and design store. Most of the objects and more can be found on our online shop (http://kcdfshop.kr). For this we work closely with design brands, studios, makers, companies, institutions and more. Our role is to connect makers with consumers. We also have a contracted store at the Cheongwaedae Sarangchae (Presidential Blue House exhibition space).

    Online Distribution: http://kcdfshop.kr
    Offline Distribution: KCDF Gallery 1st Floor Store, Cheongwadae Sarangchae