Promotion of Korea Culture


    Organized for the first time in May, 2018 the event has been established to enable more people to enjoy craft and design. Craft related exhibitions, galleries, studios, shops and workstations are promoted around the main KCDF Gallery located in the heart of the culture district of Seoul. Additionally hands-on programs are organized for the general public, from young children to elderly adults to experience different materials from wood to ceramics to textiles and more.
    [Craft Week] aims to enrich people’s everyday lifestyle by introducing handmade craft and design objects readily accessible to us. The event is organized for a week filled with festive programs from craft exhibitions to markets.

KCDF Gallery and Exhibitions

    The Korea Craft & Design Foundation (KCDF) annually organizes a wide variety of exhibitions on craft and design. The space is open to curators, artists, makers, groups, universities students and other related organizations. We curate exhibitions through the promotion of specialists in the field, exposure of craft related organizations and also for our venues such as the Craft Week and Craft Trend Fair. We are located in the heart of the culture district known as Insadong.

K-Ribbon Selection

    Since 2016 the ‘K-Ribbon Selection’ has been introduced to improve the quality of craft and design products. The objective behind this system is to focus on the promotion of ‘good design’ in craft in order to communicate with the general public. The ‘K-Ribbon Selection’ includes five different fields – craft, design, food, hanbok (authentic Korean costume), hansik (Korean food) and culture related contents. Through a designation system, the aim is to maintain a high standard in terms of handmade products and to distribute widely both domestically and internationally.